American garage

The garage is named after Wilson Herford, a man who has recently passed

away. The player (You) plays as his grandchild who explores the lost passion of their late grandad.

As a team we developed an environment based on a photograph we found online. The image is of an American repair garage that includes various mechanical props, hard surfaces and an unknown muscle car which we then substituted with one of our choice.


This was a 12 week team project developed remotely as a graduation project for Escape Studios. The team was split into different specialist roles based upon the preferences of each team member.






  • received_1378941022282185.jpeg

    Dawid Batóg

    Art Director/Lighting Artist/Set-Dresser

  • FB_IMG_1591980280821.png

    Alex Crisan

    Vehicle Artist

  • Ty_Avatar - Tyrone Harper.png

    Tyrone Harper

    Prop Artist

  • Florin_Porfile_Pic.jpg

    Florin Iasinovschi

    Prop Artist

  • profile pic - Jeffry Siguencia.jpg

    Jeffry Siguencia

    Environment Artist

  • Jack Hocking

    Producer/Foliage Artist

  • Kevin Pearce

    Prop Artist

  • Michael Goncalves

    Prop Artist

  • Luke Crouch

    Prop Artist

If you would like to get in touch with our students, please email: