The Bait

“The Bait”s purpose is to help spread awareness for a very unknown issue which happens in the UK and around the world. A “Bait Dog” is a stolen or vulnerable dog that gets used as training bait for fighting dogs. “The Bait” tells the tale of a dog left outside a bookshop tied up to a bike rack. While the unsuspecting owner enters the shop a thief steals the dog, this is just one example of where these people steal dogs from, they also take them from gardens and parks. Protect your animals. Keep them safe.


Shoe Ad

We created the “ “RETFÆRDIG” shoe advert to help diversify LightLoops portfolio. We decided to use a motion graphics style as we felt that this will speak the company's message visually in the best way possible. “ “RETFÆRDIG” is our shoe brand which reuses old plastic bottles and turns them from rubbish back into nice, good quality shoes. Walk With The Earth.



Our Perfume ads were created by LightLoops lead look dev artist, Martin Kamminga. The intention for these images are to show that our company can also work on still images to a very high standard, the use case of these stills is for magazines, posters, social media, large scale billboards and other forms of public advertising.


2D logo-Black.png
animation logo- Black.png





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