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My name is Aron and I am a 3D Modeller aspiring to be a Character Artist. Currently, I specialise in 3D modelling and I plan to undergo a full character pipeline after graduation. I hope to make at least three characters by the end of this year. That ought to increase my understanding of anatomy, improve my groom skills with XGen, Marvelous Designer clothes and texturing. Texturing is not one of my strong suits, mainly due to my strict investment in just 3D Modelling but is an area I am looking to improve on.



What are your hobbies and interests?

Currently, I co-host a ZBrush sculpting club (aptly named: SCULPT MAY). The name changes every
month (probably). Learning is better with a focus, and with friends, plus the sculpt is different each day. Now then, I should probably study anatomy and memorise all the terms.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I would like to see myself in my own apartment, with a super-powerful PC that can run anything,
creating fan art of characters I like after work, re-reading the sequel to Kengan Omega and playing
with my nonexistent Maine Coon cat.

What job position would excite you the most to start your career with?

Junior Groom roles would fit my current skill set just right. And with the training provided, plus the
work I do on the side, I would be able to build a portfolio to qualify as a Facial Modeller, someday.

Would you rather be a wizard, jedi or superhero? and why?

I'd like to be a Superhero like Superman but without the silly kryptonite nonsense. This way, no one
could threaten my life, I’d have his laser eyes and I will be able to live forever to taste all that humanity
creates. I’d be the most powerful recluse on the planet.

What was your crowning moment of your time at Escape?

I found a focus in life (finally). Facial Modeller. I'll make it to that realm of existence, someday.