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I am Freddie Belsom, a 2D Comp and DMP Artist. I have experience working as a 2D Artist doing: CG Comp, Cleanup, Matte Painting and Roto. I hope to start out as a Junior Comp Artist and someday become a DMP Artist for feature films or games. I have a passion for creativity and developing new skills in the creative industry.



Describe yourself in 5 words.

Creative, dedicated, Ambitious, Dependable, Focused.

What are your hobbies and interests?

My hobbies and interests include digital painting, art and graphic design. I also like to play games and socialise with friends.

Tell us an achievement you're proud of.

I am most proud of being 2D Lead on 'Kiwi's Dream', which went on to win over a dozen awards in festivals.

Describe a challenge that you had to overcome in your group projects.

Before being 2D Lead in 'Kiwi's Dream', I had very little experience leading a team. However I quickly became confident in the role, gaining new valuable experience in the VFX pipeline including giving feedback and having a more critical eye.

Which movie inspired you the most to choose this career path?

Star Wars was a huge part of my childhood which inspired me to pursue creative subjects, eventually leading me to studying VFX.

Describe your favorite VFX sequence.

The entirety of Blade Runner 2049.

What was your crowning moment of your time at Escape?

Seeing 'Kiwi's Dream' win its first of many awards.