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I’m a 3D Animator that is passionate about creature anatomy and working out how things work, whether it’s a specific performance or a new piece of software, and love creating and taking part in exciting and innovative projects. I strive to have a wide skill set with abilities in animation, rigging and modelling, so I am able to contribute in more than one way. For my specialism, I’ve focused on creature animation and CFX so I would love to get a job animating animals and creatures.



What hobbies do you have?

I switch between a few hobbies. When I see something interesting, I can’t stop myself from having a look into that topic. Most recently, I’ve tried to animate creatures I haven’t attempted before such as birds, turtles and fish. I’ve also taken up modelling in ZBrush and learned Ziva Dynamics for a quick look into Creature FX. When I want to get away from my PC, I read, sketch, paint or play the ukulele. I also like to de-stress by drinking tea. This hobby might’ve gotten out of hand though as I have quite the collection now!

If you were an animal, which one would you be and why?

I would say a Cat as I’m curious about almost everything and won’t leave something alone if I find it interesting. It’s why my hobbies tend to change so drastically; I enjoy exploring new things.

Tell us an achievement you're proud of.

Learning ZBrush and Ziva Dynamics for my specialism when I hadn’t touched the software before. I found that when I’m really passionate about something, and focus on it, I can pick things up fairly quickly. It only took me a couple of months to feel comfortable using the software.

Describe a challenge that you had to overcome in your group projects.

When I started, I never thought I had the capability to think of a story. I was creative, but kept limiting myself to more admin roles. That’s why I did the role of Producer for many projects. However, being a Director for the 3rd year project, I gained more confidence in my abilities and found I can create and stick with a vision when I put my mind to it. So being able to overcome that mental barrier was an amazing feeling.

Which movie or game inspired you the most to choose this career path and why?

Spirited Away'. I watched it when I was younger and I found that if I did what Chihiro did, if I wasn’t motivated by greed, and treated other with kindness and helped people, life becomes a bit more enjoyable and, for a shy kid, it helped me talk to people and go out of my comfort zone. I could make a difference even if it was very small or seemed insignificant. It helped me gain confidence and now I can talk to new people very easily. The fact that a small message can change someone’s life for the better was something I always wanted to be a part of.

If you woke up in a in a videogame, what would your special ability be?

I’m not very active, so I'd probably have a supporting role rather than a fighting one. I like to think of solutions and investigate things, so something like a strategist or maybe even a healer. I like to be useful and support people, but I doubt I’d have the energy to run around too much!

What was your crowning moment of your time at Escape?

Directing 'Side Quest'. It was nerve-wracking putting my ideas out there. My aim was to make a fun story, but I didn’t think I was that funny as a person. When I showed people, and they laughed and it made them feel brighter, I felt proud about what I’d made.

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