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I am Josh Hunt and I am a 2D VFX student aspiring to start my professional career as a Junior Roto/Prep Artist and work my way up the ranks. I am always looking for new opportunities to work on new shots as I love seeing how shots change and progress. I’m very lucky to have gone to Escape as I have been able to do all aspects of VFX from modelling to CG rebuild and for me, the most satisfying part is seeing everything come together to create a story.



What hobbies do you have?

Photography, gaming, rock climbing and travelling.

What three things would you take to a desert island and why?

I would take my guitar as music is a huge part of my daily routine and, even though I haven't touched my guitar in a while, I couldn't imagine being without music. I'd take a fishing rod, even thought I've never fished, there's a first time for everything. Lastly, I'd take a knife as its a key to survival and will help aid me to do whatever I want to, whether that's creating a spark to ignite a fire or helping in food prep.

What job position would excite you the most to start your career with?

I know that I want to start my career as a Roto/Prep Artist as almost everyone starts in this position and its because here we learn key skills and tricks that we will carry with us for the rest of our careers in this industry.

Would you rather be a wizard, jedi or superhero and why?

I'd be a superhero. The reason is, since I can remember, Spider-Man has been my favourite. He's funny, light-hearted and, in my opinion, very, very cool. Plus you have the added benefit of never having to pay for travel, you could swing to work or just sit on the wing of an plane.

Which movie inspired you the most to choose this career path and why?

I'd say the movie that inspired me to choose this path is 'I Am Legend' featuring Will Smith. I remember watching it when I was younger and wondering how they made the zombies so real and how they managed to make the city look so run down without actually ruining the city. A few years later, I found out about VFX by watching a breakdown of a movie I cant quite remember and knew that would be my ideal career path. I could never see myself at a normal office job, like doing business, but this is always interesting, always progressing, and that is the field I wanted to be in.

What was your crowning moment of your time at Escape?

My crowning moment at Escape was being part of a team that won a VFX award. It was a great feeling knowing that the work we had done was being praised by a panel of judges.

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