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Hi! My name is Shessy Idowu and I’m a 3D Animator who is specialising in character animation. I have always been intrigued by the process of how animation is created including the animation pipeline which inspired me to pursue a career within the film industry. I love learning new things to improve as an Animator and improve my knowledge to then incorporate it into my animations. I would love to continue doing animation and kickstart my career by working towards a Junior position but I am also interested in becoming an intern as well!



Describe yourself in 5 words.

Five words to describe myself?
Observant, hardworking, curious, organised and friendly.

If you were an animal, which one would you be and why?

Without a doubt, a Wolf! They are never really in solitude. They always work to take advantage of the situation and use the opportunity to work together as a team to achieve their goal. Plus, they are really cute!

What job position would excite you the most to start your career with?

I would love to start my career with a Junior position in the animation industry. This is where I can apply all of the skills that I have learned from doing numerous individual and team-based projects and integrate them into a studio environment.

Tell us an achievement you're proud of.

One achievement that I am proud of is the short film I was involved in called ‘Picture us’. It was where I saw myself grow to understand animation. In my shot, I was able to plan, research and explore techniques that I never thought of using to help me achieve the animation that is being shown.

Would you rather be a wizard, jedi or superhero and why?

Again, without a doubt, A Jedi! Jedis work together to keep the peace and order within the galaxy. This is the same when working on group projects. I work along with other to achieve the outcome I hope for.

Which animated movie inspired you the most to choose this career path and why?

The movie that inspired me to choose this career path was ‘Space Jam’ and 'Looney Tunes: Back In Action'. Not only that I found it enjoyable to watch when I was a child. But it was the fact that we got to see an interaction between a cartoon character and a human being. It was fascinating to see how that was all put together.

What was your crowning moment of your time at Escape?

My crowning moment in my time at Escape Studios is teaching myself how to light environments and apply that to numerous shots that were presented in three animation projects at Escape Studios!

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