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My name is Victor and I am an aspiring 3D Environmental Generalist / 3D Generalist with a background in geology and passion for urban planning and architecture. My main interests are in modelling, shading and layout. I have a good eye for detail and conduct in-depth research before starting work on an asset or environment. In the upcoming months, I want to learn Unreal Engine as well as continue perfecting my other skills.



Describe yourself in 5 words.

Passionate, creative, yet analytical, principled, insightful.

What makes you unique?

Apart from my DNA, I think there's not much that makes me unique. Different from most? Maybe. That would be my artistic and scientific mix of skills and education, varying experience and interests in all new tech, science, nature and all that is creative and helps express oneself;

What job position would excite you the most to start your career with?

3D Environmental Generalist.

Tell us an achievement you're proud of.

I used to be a very shy and quiet person who never dreamed of going abroad. Much changed over the years. I've travelled the world and am a confident and outspoken individual. This was mostly achieved while working in my previous job where I had to step up to become an Engineer In Charge.

Which movie inspired you the most to choose this career path and why?

Definitely LOTR! The epicness of the scenes and how well the story was told just did it for me. I watched it numerous times over and over mesmerised by how well the real-life sceneries were extended with CG additions. I loved the assets and the effects alike.

If your life was a movie what would it be?

I'd love it to be a period drama!

What was your crowning moment of your time at Escape?

Working together with Animators and 2D Artists on our group project 'Russell'! It resembled a studio-like environment and I loved the energy during our work together. Despite many hardships and obstacles, we managed to deliver a great project on time. Ever since it keeps on bringing awards and I'm proud of us.

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