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Hi, my name is Beverly Rowena Gomes and I am an aspiring Lighting Artist. I discovered my passion for lighting from my already present enjoyment of night-time photography, I hope to further nurture and grow my developing skills as a Lighting Artist for the Games Industry!




Describe yourself in 5 words.

Helpful, optimistic, consistent, motivated & problem-solver.

What hobbies do you have?

Photography, reading, writing, listening to music & rock climbing.

What are your biggest strengths and weaknesses?

My biggest strengths is that I am quite personable, which leads off into my second strength, which is that this personability lends to me working very well in teams. On the other hand, I would say one of my weaknesses is that it can take me some time to pick up new skills, my solution to which is that I take detailed notes when being shown new techniques, so that I can practice them in my own time until I can remember the steps myself.

What job position would excite you the most to start your career with?

The position I would be most excited to start my career with would be Junior Lighting Artist! This is due to the fact that it means I'll be in a position from which I can continue to grow my skills in the field I've chosen to specialise in.

Would you rather be a wizard, jedi or superhero and why?

Easy answer: a Wizard. A Wizard can never stop learning new abilities, all it takes is time. Whereas a Jedi is limited to whatever they can achieve with the Force and a Superhero is limited by their powerset. Wizard is easily the most diverse option!

If you woke up in a in a videogame, what would your special ability be and why?

My special ability would be the ability to change the very code of the game from the inside. Why, you ask? Any issue encountered within the game can either be solved by changing the code in favour of solving the issue, or if you want the satisfaction of fixing the problem yourself, giving yourself the resources to fix the problem - be it a new ability or general resources!

What was your crowning moment of your time at Escape?

I would say my crowning moment at Escape Studios is having my name in the credits of both a second year Animation project [Love, Mum], as well as a third year VFX project [Anubis] for helping students in both teams with Unreal Engine [UE4 & UE5] related issues, while also working on my final project of the year without sacrificing any time that could've been used on my own project.

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